The Liberation Chronicles

The Liberation Chronicles are series of multi-media of seven EP’s telling the tale of a dreadlocked insurrectionist battling an evil post apocalyptic corporate empire. Designed to stretch the boundaries of current media presentation the series will be comprised of music, graphic art, video, and written word. The Liberation Chronicles fuses Dub, Dancehall, Reggae, Rock, EDM, and Hip-Hop elements, with commanding hook oriented vocals to create a futuristic musical blend. The first installment, “Ghetto Defendant” features Killah Priest, Lady K, and Katrina Blackstone, with mixes by dr. Israel and Bill Laswell. The remix of this EP contains bangers by KJ Sawka, Mochipet, Kush Aurora and more. The Second EP “Love in a Time of Violence” is slated for release in late spring 2015.

Dreadtone International

Dreadtone International is the brain child of dr. Israel and was formed in 2004. The Project is a blend of Dub Reggae, Dancehall, R&B, EDM, Trap and Urban Bass Music. Dreadtone has featured Vocals by dr. Israel, Lady K and Chemda, and collaborations with many musicians, including Bill Laswell on Bass and Guy Licata on drums. Dreadtone Internationals 2005 release “Patterns of War.” went to #1 on the CMJ Music chart, received strong reviews and led to extensive international touring for the project. Dreadtone’s new EP “Falling Down” is slated for release in late spring of 2015.

Brooklyn Jungle Soundsystem 

Brooklyn Jungle Soundsystem is a Ragga Jungle collective that began in 1997. The project has seen various collaborations from many musicians to create a unique urban underground bass heavy sound. BJS released two full length records, “Next Step” and “Black Rose Liberation” on Caroline imprint Baraka, but, exempt for an occasional live PA set was shelved in late 2004. In 2014 dr Israel revisited Brooklyn Jungle Soundsystem with fellow artist Dub Gabriel and they released “Kulture” on Gabriel’s Destroy all Concepts label. This Single still is showing significant activity and charted in the top 3 with Digital distributors in Japan and Europe for over multiple months. New releases are currently in the works. 

Blood of Heroes

The Blood of Heroes is a collaboration project featuring Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu, Napalm Death) and Bill Laswell, with beats from Submerged and End.user and vocals from Dr. Israel. Post apocalyptic soundscapes and de-imaged electronic beats backed up with heavy guitar and bass. Features live drumming from KJ Sawka and Balazs Pandi, and sound design from film sound architect M. Gregor Filip. Powerful anthemic tracks collide with vicious drum n bass beatdowns and intersperse with breathtaking synth beauty and Aphex Twin style mezzed beats. The soundtrack to post-solarflare humanity!

The Blood of Heroes     The Waking Nightmare    Remain

Method of Defiance 

Bill Laswell’s Method of Defiance is a multilayered genre smashing project that has featured, Bernie Worrell, DJ Krush, Dr. Israel, Guy Licata, Toshinori Kondo, Aiyb Dieng, Rob Burger, Graham Haynes, Herbie Hancock and more. The Band has performed extensively at festivals in Europe, Russia, Japan, and the U.S. and boasts multiple release’s on Bill Laswell’s M.O.D. Technologies Label. The sound ranges from Dub to Reggae to Rock to Drum & Bass to Jazz, and is in some ways as much about destroying music as it is about creating it

Science Slam Sonic Explorers

The Science Slam Sonic Explorers group was formed in 2013 to produce audio realizations of scientific concepts explained to a mass audience (e.g. Science Slams, FameLab). The Project consists of various vocalist performing scientific notations over music and soundscapes designed by Submerged from Ohm Resistance. 

Heavyweight Dub Champion

Heavyweight Dub Champion is a music and art collective founded in Gold Hill, Colorado in 1997 by Resurrector & Patch. Heavyweight Dub Champion, also known as HDC, is rooted in electronic music, but they create their unique style by using real and acoustic instruments fused with synthetic and electronic elements. In 2005, they relocated to San Francisco, but the members of their constantly rotating lineup also come from New York, Australia and the UK. HDC has featured dr. Israel, KRS one, Killa Priest, A.P.O.S.T.L.E., and Notable Shows include Eurokeens Festival in France along side Wu-Tang Klan and Reggae on the River in California where they performed to an audience of over 17,000.

Awake Zion

Awake Zion is a documentary that explores the unsuspecting connections between Rasta, Reggae, and Judaism, through one woman's beat-laden adventure into the meaning of identity. All the way back to the alleged sultry affair between the Jewish King Solomon and the African Queen of Sheba, Jewish influence is evident in the spiritual history of Ethiopia - turning up subtly in Rastafarian lifestyle and then, inevitably, in reggae. Among those featured in the film are Yossi Fine, Matisyau, dr. Israel and Sister Carol.

Ascend into Zion

A sort film created in collaboration with Brooklyn film maker Johnny Kraljevich. In the post-war government collapse of a corporately globalized world, a Rastafarian fugitive, wrongfully imprisoned at a young age, must fight his way through seven economic zones to find the only free land left - Zion...